Rhemmi Barada

Elven Magister, female


Rhemmi Barada
Ability Scores
Strength 12 (1)
Dexterity 13 (1)
Constitution 14 (2)
Intelligence 18 (4)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 15 (2)
Armor Class & Hit Points
AC 12
HP 20
Attacks & Weapons
Melee Attack (2)
Ranged Attack (2)
Touch Attack (2)
weapon attack dmg. crit.
Staff (1) 1d6+2 x2 (DEF adds 1 AC)
Saving Throws
Ref(DEX) (2)
Fort(CON) (4)
Will(WIS) (3)
2 vs. enchantment spells and effects)
0 Level
Canny Effort Detect Magic Read Magic
Repair (lesser) Detect Creature Touch of Nausea
1 Level
Transfer Wounds Conjure Energy Creature 1 Creature Loresight
Fireburst Stone Blast Analyze
Firefan Illusory Object Fey Storage
Magic Armor Unseen Servant Mind Stab
2nd Level
Energy Blade [any]
Lesser Battle Healing


My name is Rhemmi Barada. I was born on the 27th of Skyhome, 4588, in the family home.
My mother, Rhoda, and head of the household made her living as a ship builder and sailor. I remember she also enjoyed gardening in her spare time. I didn’t spend much time with my elder brothers, Edren and Edrick before they left to live their own lives.
During my childhood, I had a wonderful Gnome friend by the name of Fathor. Our friendship started because of some trouble, due to our races, but he was a good boy and my companion for many years. We stood up for each other when others would not. Rhodenya, my youngest sister was born during this time, a half elf, but my brothers and I loved her just the same.
Sometime in my adulthood, it became very important to me that I make myself known, and I developed a signature. I had a signet ring made of my symbol, a burning crown, and showed it to anyone that would look. It was during this time that I also fell in love. My beloved was older however, and already married, but when it ended we did remain friends. My beloved’s imagination was what really caught my eye though, and has stirred somewhat of a fascination within me. I find myself much more fond of someone if they have displayed some sort of creativity.
Almost none of which I found in the military, the service of which I was pressed into (I believe it was my beloved’s wife’s influence). I joined the ranks of the light cavalry as a soldier. I had a major victory with serious casualties and a scar to remember it by. I did not care for the close combat of a soldier, longing to be in the back with the archers and mages, and began the study of magic when I left the military.
-excerpt from the journals of Rhemmi Barada

Rhemmi Barada

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