Kelthar Giantbreaker

Dwarf Akashic, male


Kelthar Giantbreaker
Ability Scores
Strength 15 (2)
Dexterity 12 (1)
Constitution 15 (2)
Intelligence 16 (3)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 14 (2)
Armor Class & Hit Points
AC 16
HP 20
Attacks & Weapons
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Touch Attack
weapon attack damage critical
Battle Axe (4) 1d8+2 x3
War hammer (4) 1d12+3 x3
Compound Bow (3) 1d8+2 x3
Saving Throws
Fort(CON) 3
Ref(DEX) 2
Will(WIS) 3


Kelthar Giantbreaker is a dwarven Akashic born on the 17th day of Brightsong. He has, quite loudly, claimed to be the alley-born bastard of a common prostitute and a lordling of the Garrus family, into which he was adopted. He, drunkenly, confided that his father believed he was not his, but took him in regardless. He also claimed that his birth somehow soured the milk in his neighborhood? I believe by this point he was overly inebriated.
The firstborn of three siblings, a sister and brother, he often went with his father to his workplace. Which was less of a workplace and more of a gambler’s den, his father being a professional gambler. It was during his time in the den that Kelthar’s eye for appraisal, and his enthusiasm for it, was discovered, and he soon became renowned for it. When he wasn’t in the den, Kelthar was with his kindly neighbor, by whom he was being taught. His education was cut short however, when some of his father’s rivals, who I’m sure were loan sharks ran the family out of town, forcing them to relocate.
During his adolescence, his father brought home another son. A young human they adopted, who Kelthar spent the majority of his time caring for. Unfortunately, the family was forced to relocate again when a monster raid destroyed their second home.
Once Kelthar reached adulthood, he joined the military as a Navy Sailor and served under a kindly Swordlord. His military career spent aboard the vessel Solitaire until a disease ravaged the crew, leaving only a few alive. The survivors ended up using the ship for their illicit activities, which Kelthar admits to joining in, having wanted to defy the authority that had refused to help when the disease was at large. The ship became a pirate vessel and traveled far and wide. When he finally disembarked, he was hired as a particularly skilled warrior to aid the bearer of the charter, Rhemmi Barada
-excerpt from the journals of Rhemmi Barada

Kelthar Giantbreaker

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