Falon of the Green

Human Greenbond, male, deceased


Falon of the Green
Ability Scores
Strength 12 (1)
Dexterity 15 (2)
Constitution 13 (1)
Intelligence 14 (2)
Wisdom 18 (4)
Charisma 10 (0)
Armor Class & Hit Points
AC 15
HP 17
Attacks & Weapons
Melee Attack (2)
Ranged Attack (3)
weapon attack dmg. crit.
Sickle (2) 1d6+1 x2
Light Crossbow (4) 1d8+1 19/x2 (+1 to hit & dmg at 30’)
Saving Throws
Ref(DEX) (3)
Fort(CON) (2)
Will(WIS) (7)
0 Level
Canny Effort Detect Magic Detect Disease
Read Magic Detect Poison Lesser Glowglobe
1 Level
Transfer Wounds (Lesser) Acrobatics Obscuring Mist
Plant Armor Precise Vision Safe Fall
Illusory Object Mind Stab
2 Level
Battle Healing (Lesser)


Falon, born in his family home on the 13th of Wolfhowl, was an only child and raised by his paternal aunt and uncle.
His Uncle, Faldrim, who Falon proudly says was an ex-military infantryman, is now a blacksmith of some skill. Falon’s aunt, Emma, is a herder, and he remembers she used to carry around an old key she claimed opened the greatest treasure in all the land. (I certainly have my doubts about that, it’s odd enough to remember the key at all much less her fanciful ramblings…)
As a youth, Falon became rather ill, nearing death, but survived. Also gaining an some immunity to diseases and a certain level of respect for personal hygiene. He grew up learning some of his uncle’s trade, and, strangely enough, began collecting a number of items and hoarding them.
Falon was recruited for our exploration because of his skills as a greenbond and affinity for healing.
Falon fell in battle against The Stag Lord.
-excerpt from the journals of Rhemmi Barada

Falon of the Green

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