Ayla the Angry

Human Mage Blade, female


Ayla the Angry
Ability Scores
Strength 16 (3)
Dexterity 13 (1)
Constitution 12 (1)
Intelligence 14 (2)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 17 (3)
Armor Class & Hit Points
AC 16
HP 21
Attacks & Weapons
Melee Attack (5)
Ranged Attack (3)
weapon attack dmg. crit.
Sword(Athame) (7) 1d8+4 19/x2
Masterwork Axe (7) 1d6+3 x3
Masterwork Dagger (7) 1d4+3 19/x3
Throwing Axe (3) 1d6+3 x2
Masterwork Sword (8) 1d8+4 19/x2
Saving Throws
Ref(DEX) (2)
Fort(CON) (2)
Will(WIS) (1)
0 Level
Canny Effort Detect Magic Read Magic
Hygiene Lesser Glowglobe
1 Level
Transfer Wounds Mudball Precise Vision
Safe Fall Mind Stab Acrobatics
Obscuring Mists Illusory Object


Ayla’s mother died in the forest on the 22nd of Windlion in childbirth. She and her elder brother, Sebastian Machaera, grew up destitute. The only item of value they owned was an magical instrument that was given to her from a mysterious stranger as a babe, and she carries it even today.
During her childhood, she worked in the service of a thief, needing someone to look after her when Sebastian took on apprenticeship. Together they managed to steal quite a bit from local merchants, before the thief was killed. At this time, she also befriended a lycanthrope, who helped her escape a similar fate as the thief.
Ayla was accused of trespassing during her teen years, although she claims she was innocent. This event however did send her into the underworld on a quest for power, where she joined the Thieve’s Guild. During a job, there was some trouble and Ayla was sustained a serious head injury. After which, she claims she began to have trouble sleeping.
She stayed with the guild into her adulthood and learned trade tricks for dismantling traps. When she finally left the thieves guild, she was, like me, pressed into military service. She joined the light cavalry as a soldier, but was reassigned to special forces as a scout when an affinity for magic was discovered. She claims this is when she began her training as a Mage Blade. She reenlisted when her tour was up and was promoted. Unfortunately, a disease wiped out most of her unit and she retired immediately after. She left the military as a corporal.
A few months later, she was asked to join our exploration unit by an old commander of hers, believing her skills as a warrior would vastly improve our chances of mapping the Greenbelt.
-excerpt from the journals of Rhemmi Barada

Ayla the Angry

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