Kingmaker Evolved

30th of Windlion, Halfweekday
The majority of our day was spent on the road, passing plains and the tip of a vast forest. We were alone, as the other companies had turned off the path to their lands or went ahead. Our company of four set out for the most vast land, Greenbelt, a currently uncharted region and rumored to be marauded by bandits led by a ‘stag lord’.
We arrived at Oleg‘s trading post shortly before nightfall. Small, at the curve of the road. His wife, Svetlana, told us of their bandit problem. The post has been visited monthly by bandits. They would take the furs and anything else of value and depart somewhere to the south.
The first visit had eight bandits, not including a man and woman leading. The next had only six and the man, and then he was accompanied by a mere four. Oleg believes the next group will have even less. We must have flown on angel’s wings, for the bandits are due to arrive tomorrow.
The only question is how to handle them. Oleg calls for their deaths, but I think perhaps we could allow them to leave and track them to their larger camp? Or stop them on the road, so that Oleg and Svetlana can deny they had even arrived? Ayla and Kelthar say that we will not allow them to leave with their lives.
When they come, we will execute them all, as is the punishment for banditry under the flag of the Burning Crown.

Rhemmi Barada



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