Kingmaker Evolved

1st of Fathereye, Skyday

1st of Fathereye, Skyday
The bandits came. Their leader had only three this time. Ayla hid in the stables, Falon and I positioned ourselves at the tables, and Kelthar was outside the gates, so they would have nowhere to go. Nowhere to run.
When they ordered Oleg to collect their ‘monthly tribute’, the leader turned to me, claiming a tax against elves. Racist. Once one came close enough to touch for the coin, I began casting. Ayla and Kelthar emerged and quickly laid waste to them, while Falon fired bolt after bolt.
Falon went to let Oleg, taking cover in the storerooms, know it was safe while I went to check for any signs of reinforcements.
We left one alive to interrogate as brutally as need be. He nearly vomited on me.
Which would have been a lot easier if Ayla and Kelthar hadn’t allowed Oleg to string them up off the side of the keep. Including our unconscious prisoner, who became very much dead. Such cack.
With no lead, and surprisingly no tracks to follow, we opted to begin mapping the Greenbelt starting with Oleg‘s sector and simply ’hope’ to encounter the bandits.
I should have listened to my Mother. Winter always follows spring.

Rhemmi Barada

Note: Oleg’s Trading Post sector clear. Plains.



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